Silly Ricky In Action Silly Ricky In Action Silly Ricky has volunteers for special tricks! Look at these kids! How do they do that? 106670645 Stilt Walking 2010 106670649 Balloon Magic! These balloon races are unforgettable! 106670655 Juggling Show for Packard Childrens Hospital Juggling show Lucille Packard Childrens Hospital 106670646 Soccerball Juggling! 106670647 Italian Festa 2010 Silly Ricky passing out " Festival beads" on stilts at the 30th annual Italian Festa in San Jose, CA 106670650 Balloon twisting @ Cool Kids Summer camp '08 106670654 Balloon Animals here are some balloons Silly Ricky can make. 106670651 Silly Glasses These jumbo glasses are so much fun! 106670652 Great Photo Opportunities 106670648 Silly Ricky Here he is! Isnt he goofy? 106670656 Parachute Games Silly Ricky hosts lots of fun games, Including the Parachute! 106670653 Hire me for your event! Hire me for your childs bday party! 106670657 Fully Captured Audience! Silly Ricky always keeps the kids ( and most parents) tuned into his entertainment! 120203124 twisty hat! colorful crazy twisty hat made for a guest 120203125 a great audience Silly Ricky is perfect to entertain small and large audiences. This event had well over 100 guests! 120203127 Look at those faces! The kids expressions are great! 120203128 120203129 Promo Flyer! 132118087 Juggling table and supplies! Some of my juggling supplies that i set up on my table. 120203130 Balloon Madness! Balloon Fun! these balloons are a really big hit! 120203131 Silly Ricky Posing for the camera! 120203132 Juggling Clubs 3-13-11 for a 1st birthday party, in Oakland 177601293 Global Winter Wonderland 2011 Silly Ricky stilt walked around this years Global Winter Wonderland in Santa Clara. He also put on his " Silly Juggling Show" on the global stage in multiple performances! 146124726