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Silly Ricky

How Silly Ricky's Juggling And Fun Began:

Ricky Adams first started juggling when he was in Grammar school, and it quickly became his favorite thing to do.

A few years later, He was employed as a recreation leader for the City of Morgan Hill. For a few years, Silly Ricky was hosting birthday parties, holiday events and summer camps.

Silly Ricky wanted to give more to his community. He wanted to make children and adults alike laugh, and have a good time.

That is when Silly Ricky's Juggling and fun was born.

Since then, he has made thousands of children laugh and have fun. Silly Ricky has performed at a variety of different venues. Birthday Parties, Festivals, corporate events, Grand Openings, Even Church functions!

" It is priceless seeing kids rolling in laughter, having fun, and doing what kids should be doing! Seeing the smiles on their faces makes every second of what I do worth it!"

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